foto: Alexia Leysen

foto: Alexia Leysen

Hey, I am Tim,
journalist and anchor with the public broadcaster VRT, in Belgium, where I make short and long stories for television and the web.
Previously I worked for vtm as a senior and international reporter, covering stories from Chernobyl, Haiti, Pakistan, Norway, and the Arab spring in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya.

For VRT NWS I am making stories on All Things Digital. I produced a 3 part series on Facebook in 2019. And in 2018 I uncovered the secrets of the Flemish Alt Right for the investigative journalism program Pano.

I was also based in New York City as a correspondent
where I was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to study
at the City University of New York,
taking classes in Entrepreneurial Journalism and Video Storytelling.

I live in Brussels.

I like to take pictures.

Twitter @timverheyden


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Co-Author of  HowToStory on storytelling in visual journalism.

Ik geef workshops over storytelling; over het belang van goeie technieken in het verhalen vertellen, over journalistiek en nieuwe vormen. 
Ik praat over de rol van sociale media en de invloed op onze samenleving.
En over fake news.

Je kan me hier boeken.

I give workshops on storytelling and narrative techniques to create compelling stories with impact, on journalism and new forms of storytelling.
Or you want me to talk on sociale media and the influence on news and our society. And on fake news. It is possible.

You can book me here.